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How to Make an Awesome Chatbot with NLP and AI
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 07/03/2018
It’s easier than you think Natural Language Processing is the way in which computer software gets to grips with human conversation and analyses the meaning of sentences. Until recently, deploying NLP in a cha...
SnatchBot users, you should avail of free Chatbase analytics!
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 25/01/2018
SnatchBot is delighted to offer Chatbase analytics to its users. And because this is a powerful resource and simple to use (no coding required), really, we would urge everyone to integrate it to their bots.  Chatbase is a service for more easily analyzing and optimizing bots. It works with any platform or type of bot, voice or text, and is free ...
Make Yourself a Messenger Chatbot for 2018
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 17/01/2018
It’s easy with SnatchBot, the best chatbot platform If you don’t yet have a chatbot on Messenger, you really should. And you could have one in a matter of minutes. Creating and launching chatbots is no ...
Your Chatbot Can Handle Payments For You  Here’s How in Three Easy Steps
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 16/01/2018
If you need to handle financial transactions for any reason, then you should let your chatbot do the administrative work. Not only because this saves you or your staff time, but because you’re making it much easier for the user. Instead of having to navigate a website or phone you, the user can make payments while staying in the channel of thei...
Create Your Hospitality Bot using the SnatchBot platform
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 18/10/2017
In this video, we will show you a Customised Bot that Hospitality Companies can build. With the SnatchBot Hospitality Bot Template, Hospitality Companies can revolutionize their customers' experience. ​​​​​<img alt="SnatchBot" id="img" width="76" height="76" src="
The Place for Bots in Education
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 03/10/2017
There’s no question that education faces its fair share of issues—chief among them, a hesitation or even inability to adopt new technology that could assist not only students but teachers and administrators as well. Though many other industries have begun to use chatbots to assist with a wide variety of tasks, the educational sector has not quite reached a level at whic...
5 Ways That Your Brand Can Benefit with a Chatbot
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 02/10/2017
When people hear the term “chatbot,” they typically think of an automated text-based response program—and while they’re not wrong, this is a big underestimation of bots’ capabilities. As more and more businesses are deploying chatbots, they’re beginning to see them for what they really can be, which is a powerful marketing tool. The ways in which b...
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