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Your Chatbot Can Handle Payments For You  Here’s How in Three Easy Steps
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 16/01/2018
If you need to handle financial transactions for any reason, then you should let your chatbot do the administrative work. Not only because this saves you or your staff time, but because you’re making it much easier for the user. Instead of having to navigate a website or phone you, the user can make payments while staying in the channel of their c...
Happy New Year 2018
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 23/12/2017
Hello from SnatchBot, 2017 was a memorable year for us and for our industry as well, with the SnatchBot platform continuing to expand its customer base. More than 7000 bots have been created since the launch of the platform six months ago. We are pleased to share with you the most...
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 18/10/2017
In this video, we will show you a Customised Bot that Hospitality Companies can build. With the SnatchBot Hospitality Bot Template, Hospitality Companies can revolutionize their customers' experience. ​​​​​
Branding with Bots
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 06/10/2017
Bots are taking the digital world by storm, and early adopters around the globe are already realizing the advantages of their capabilities. From Amazon to American Express, from Microsoft to the NFL, brands are employing chatbots to enable consumers to do a wide variety of tasks easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  Regardless of size, reach, or industry, any brand can bene...
Riding the Bot-Building Wave with SnatchBot
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 05/10/2017
The bot industry is evolving. Last year, 2016, saw bots as one of the hot mobile trends for enterprises, with companies like Microsoft and Facebook leading the charge toward bot technology. As space evolves, more and more companies are filling the competitive landscape, from bootstrapped start-ups to well-funded tech giants.In 2016, SnatchBot...
The Place for Bots in Education
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 03/10/2017
There’s no question that education faces its fair share of issues—chief among them, a hesitation or even inability to adopt new technology that could assist not only students but teachers and administrators as well. Though many other industries have begun to use chatbots to assist with a wide variety of tasks, the educational sector has not quite reached a level at which i...
Enter the Chatbot: Is a Bot Right for your Business?
SnatchBot TeamEquipe de SnatchBot, 03/10/2017
If you’ve held a text-based conversation with a business recently, chances are good you were actually conversing with a chatbot—and you may not have even realised it. Bots are no longer just for tech enterprises; these days, everyone from travel agencies to weather services to healthcare providers are employing bots. Not only are bots easier and less expensive to build tha...
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